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Stainless Steel fitting kits - that are more than just shiny

They are clever

They work with you - not against you

Because we have raced - we understand which bits of your Lambretta need to be fixed almost permanently - But MORE IMPORTANTLY we understand which bits you might need to un-do quickly and easily, for road-side repairs or for maintenance.

And can then go back on and still be 100% secure.

That's why our Stainless kits are different - we simply don't throw Nyloc's all over. 

Our kits come with GENUINE NORD-LOCK washers where we think they are needed.

So we have designed a range of kits that utilises the right Fastener for the right application.

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We will simply send you a Pay-Pal invoice for what you have requested.


We will add an on-line payment system in the near future - but the Paypal Invoice is the safest and the most cost effective to start with.