M8 8mm WHEEL RIM Nordlock/Heico Lock Washers Steel Delta Protekt DIN 65151 -13.5mm OD


******************* SEE BELOW FOR SPECIAL OFFER ***************


As supplied with most brands of Tubeless Lambetta or Vespa Rims.


We supply a set of 12 pairs of washers - enough for both wheels and 4 x spare's

Price is £5 posted - per set of 12


Payment via Friends and Family - OR it's £5.60 per set if you prefer to pay as Goods and Services.


SPECIAL OFFER - BUY: 4 sets and get 1 set free - so 60 complete pairs for just £20


An excellent upgrade to any Scooter Wheel Tubeless or Split-Rims - and possibly the safest way to secure your wheel-nuts.


You will not buy these cheaper anywhere unless you buy 1000's.


Other qty's also available - just tell us how many you would like - adn we'll do you a deal!!


Please Paypal: mark@lambrettasense.co.uk and include your name/address details.


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